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November Baseball Training Clinic

North Seattle Baseball Cages are hosting a new opportunity to train this November!

More info and registration:


Saturdays: Nov. 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th


Fall ball has just ended and kids now have some down time to work on their skills off the field. For a player to be at maximum preparation for the spring season, attending winter training or clinics is so very important.

North Seattle Baseball  in conjunction with North Seattle Batting Cages have prepared a clinic to teach various age level players (our youth) the fundamentals of baseball as well as advanced material related to on and off the field.

Held at North Seattle Batting Cage, we are pleased to offer an intensive, action packed  2 hour 4 day clinic for youth 8-10 and 11-13 years old.

We will be helping each participant to better understand the game both mentally and physically. Joining us at this clinic will also allow players to further develop individual skills through instruction, individual and multi-player drills.

This is a great opportunity to get personal instruction at a very affordable cost. Our clinic has a low player to instructor ratio. This means each player will receive a lot of personal attention.

  • This is a great opportunity to have real pros work with the players.
  • We are pleased to have Cordell Greene to lead a crew of instructors. Cordell played for the University of Washington, Lewis-Clark State and the Milwaukee Brewers.
  • Steve Greene, drafted by the Cubs in 17th round and the Brewers 12th round out of Bellevue College, will assist Cordell. Some local High School state championship players will also support our lead instructors.
  • This clinic will help players in the most important aspects of the game. The player’s confidence on the field is driven by their learning experiences. 
  • Our instructors have a structured environment to better players in all aspects of the game.
  • After attending the clinic, each player will go home with drills and understand what they can do at home to continue to prepare for spring.

2 hour Sessions for 4 weeks  $289.00


To register your spot please click the following link or visit us at:





8512 20th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115



What's covered in the Clinic? 


  • Stance and Balance 
  • Approach
  • Rhythm
  • How to use Lower Body (Hips)
  • Hand Path
  • How to break down a pitcher
  • Proper Load
  • Live Pitching
  • How to Soft Toss
  • How to L-Screen Toss
  • Knowing which pitch is "your" pitch. It will be an overall info session with individual T work and basics for each camper so they can get the individual help they need to advance their game to the next level, wherever that may be.


  • Charging the ball
  • Footwork
  • Angle to the ball
  • Eyes
  • Proper throwing mechanics
  • Correct Mechanics: breaking down mechanics into different sections to increase mechanics which improves accuracy and velocity
  • How to follow your throw
  • Improve throwing from an outfield position
  • How to field a ball in the outfield (no runners on & runners on)
  • Proper Arm Conditioning: preventative work, bands, stretching, sprints


  • How to work hard
  • Effort
  • Teamwork
  • Abs
  • Speed and agility (ladders, sprinting form, jump rope)
  • Body weight exercises; squats, lunges, jumps, pushups etc...
  • Quality over Quantity: Proper form for everything.
  • How to work off the field: sleep, eating habits, working out, school work, and dress)

Mental Side:

·         How to be strong through failures

·         Controlled Amnesia (accepting and moving past failures and successes while learning from both)

·         Qualities: respect, responsibility, organization, work ethic, honesty…etc.



by Parker posted 10/14/2014

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