North Seattle Baseball

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Good luck to all participants. Yea we're going to have baseball weather!!!

Game schedules posted below.


Lower Woodland Park

N 50th Street & N Green Lake Way

Seattle, Washington


Washington Park

Washington Park Arobeteum (Capital Hill)

1017 Lake Washington Boulevard East


12 U

    Pool 12A            
Seattle Senators vs Seattle Pilots Friday 6:00 PM LW 6   A1 Seattle Senators
Seattle Select vs North Seattle Lightning Friday 8:30 PM LW 6   A2 Seattle Select
Seattle Senators vs Seattle Select Saturday 11:30 AM LW 3   A3 North Seattle Lightning
Seattle Pilots vs North Seattle Lightning Saturday 11:30 AM LW 6   A4 Seattle Pilots
North Seattle Lightning vs Seattle Senators Saturday 7:00 PM LW 3      
Seattle Select vs Seattle Pilots Saturday 7:00 PM LW 6      
    Pool 12B            
Spartan Black 12U vs North Seattle Bees Friday 8:30 PM LW 3   B1 Spartan Black 12U
Green Lake Monsters vs Stods Sabers Saturday 9:00 AM LW 6   B2 Green Lake Monsters
Spartan Black 12U vs Green Lake Monsters Saturday 2:00 PM LW 6   B3 Stods Sabers
North Seattle Bees vs Stods Sabers Saturday 4:30 PM LW 6   B4 North Seattle Bees
Stods Sabers vs Spartan Black 12U Sunday 9:00 AM LW 3      
Green Lake Monsters vs North Seattle Bees Sunday 9:00 AM LW 6      
12U Championship Round (STARTS 2:30 PM SUNDAY)      
All 12U games at Lower Woodland Quad            
LW 3 = Southeast Field                
LW 6 = Southwest Field              



11 U

      Pool 11A            
  North Seattle All Stars vs Seattle Sluggers Friday 6:00 PM LW 3   A1 Seattle Select
  Seattle Select vs Stods Titans Saturday 9:00 AM LW 3   A2 North Seattle All Stars
  Seattle Select vs North Seattle All Stars Saturday 2:00 PM LW 3   A3 Seattle Sluggers
  Stods Titans vs Seattle Sluggers Saturday 4:30 PM LW 4   A4 Stods Titans
  Seattle Sluggers vs Seattle Select Sunday 11:30 AM LW 4      
  North Seattle All Stars vs Stods Titans Sunday 11:30 AM LW 3      
      Pool 11B            
  West Seattle Steelheads vs North Seattle Bees Friday 6:00 PM Wash Park 1   B1 Ballard Chinooks
  Ballard Chinooks vs Stods Vipers Friday 8:30 PM Wash Park 1   B2 West Seattle Steelheads
  Ballard Chinooks vs West Seattle Steelheads Saturday 11:30 AM LW 4   B3 North Seattle Bees
  Stods Vipers vs North Seattle Bees Saturday 2:00 PM LW 4   B4 Stods Vipers
  West Seattle Steelheads vs Stods Vipers Saturday 4:30 PM LW 3      
  North Seattle Bees vs Ballard Chinooks Sunday 11:30 AM LW 6      
  11U Championship Round (STARTS 5:00 PM SUNDAY)      
1 Washington Park - two fields all turf in Washington Park Arobeteum (Capital Hill) 1017 Lake Washington Boulevard East          
  No spikes, no seeds.  Both fields have lights.            
2 Lower Woodland Quad                
  LW 3 = Southeast Field   LW 5 = Northwest Field            
  LW 4 = Northeast Field   LW 6 = Southwest Field            


10 U

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NSB Donations

Help fund scholarships, safety improvements to fields and facilities and expand training for volunteer coaches and player clinics.


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NSB Fundraising

Because Of You, North Seattle Baseball

Is Growing!

That means more kids are learning baseball fundamentals, patience, how to problem solve and work as part of a team.

With this growth comes the need for more fields, equipment and coaches. Learn how you can support NSB and positively impact more kids in north Seattle. Thank you for getting the word out and for participating in North Seattle Baseball!


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NSB Training Facility

Baseball / Softball Training Facility

Home of our Rainiers Select Baseball


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