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Rainier 2018 Tryouts are announced

Tryouts for 13u and 14u Rainiers





Tryouts for 15u, 16u, and 18u Rainiers




Our tryouts have ended and coaches have put their teams together from the many players who have attended tryouts. Some teams are looking for additional players

18U- Pitcher Only

16U- Picther Only

15U -Pitcher only

13U- 2 positions available. 

If you would like to have a special coach tryout for any of these positions please contact: 


  • We recommend that 14 year old players entering High School in fall 2017 tryout for our 15U team in addition to 14U. Because players have a full baseball schedule in high school they could possibly miss half the season of our 14U team. 15U begins play in mid-May. There generally is only a few in this position but its important we prepare you. Yes its a little more difficult to make the 15U team but if they do make it the training for 15U is more advanced and will give them an even better chance to make the high school team. They can tryout for both 14 and 15 if you are unsure. 
    There have been many questions about the new age change rule from Little League and Pony Baseball and how it will affect the Rainiers.
    Though the Rainiers may play some pony games, the emphasis is advanced baseball with all teams in recognized select leagues such as Koufax, Seattle Elite or similar.
  • Our program will recognize what most all tournaments and select leagues are using as age cutoff which is April 30th. As far as the Rainiers playing Pony tournaments from 13-18, we intend to create Rainiers all-star teams from our 13-16U rosters which will meet the Pony age guideline and can play in the regional and national tournaments.  
  • Our tryouts are set up to incorporate those players falling into the age change rule (Born between May 1 to August 31) because we combine age groups in our tryouts. Only exception is those players that are 14 that have the summer birthday may want to tryout for the 15U team which is another day.
  • The key is, we select players based upon their abilities not the age rule. If a 14 meets the standard of a 15 player then he has a good chance to make the 15 team. If his abilities are not at the 15 level then his odds are much better at making the 14 team. 
  • Please note: The new standard for 13 and below youth basball bats has changed to youth BBCore. All 13U players must use use these bats. For more information go to USABASEBALL.COM.
  • 14 -18U will follow the standard bat requirement of high school:  BBCore drop 3



CONGRATULATIONS to the 16U North Seattle Rainiers for winning the PONY Northwest Regional for Colt-16 held at Lee Johnson Field at Peter Kirk Park in Kirkland. The Rainiers (coached by Josh LaRussa, Kyle Crowder, and Charlie Scoma) finished the tournament 4-1 outscoring their opponents 53-17. 

The Rainiers will travel to San Jose, CA for the Colt Western US tournament which begins July 29.  The  tourney will feature teams from Northern California, Southern California, and Hawaii.  The winner of that tournament advances to the Colt World Series in Lafayette, IN.   The West Colt champion has won the Colt World Series 4 times in the last 6 years. 



Congratulations to our 14 Red team who placed second in the Koufax State Championship.  Right down to the bottom of the 7th and they missed it by one run. Nice Job Guys!! 7/10/17

14 Red


Congratulations to our Rainiers 13Blue team coached by Nick Hamann who won the Firecracker tournament over the 4th of July weekend.  


Congratulations to our 13 Red team again. Winners of the USSSA Sizzler Tournament 7/9/17


Congratulations to our 13 Red team on winning the Triple Crown tournament in Lacy on April 23rd