North Seattle Baseball

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Tournaments for 2012
Once again our league will be hosting invitational and All Star tournament this spring and summer against neighboring leagues. 
The 14th Annual Superbash is set for Memorial Day weekend at Lower Woodland.  We are examining the format with the possibility of opening up an 11U bracket.
Pinto Tournament
During the summer, two Pinto tourneys (7U and 8U) will again be played at Meadowbrook.  Both Pinto tourneys are in their third year of operation and were initially created by our Pinto coaches who were seeking more tournament baseball.
Pony Northwest Tournaments
For the fourth consecutive year, Pony Northwest has also awarded  NSBA the Mustang and Bronco North Sectionals.  These tournaments are comprised of All Star teams from Pony Leagues in the Northwest. Proudly we can say our Mustang and Bronco 12’s did exceptionally well last year and we hope for the same this year.
Both tourneys are tentatively scheduled for Lower Woodland in July. Please stay tuned to the league website ( for more details.  (And yes, volunteers are needed for all three tourneys )
2012 Bat Guidelines:
Pony National has issued information regarding bat requirements for 2012. They have issued the following information:
Page 15 (revision) – Rule 8 C Equipment: Wooden, metal, graphite or ceramic bats manufactured for baseball play, which are round and not more than two and five eighths inches in diameter at the thickest part, not more than 42 inches in length, are acceptable.

Page 15 (new entry) – Rule 8 C (1) Equipment: Bats manufactured specifically for use in tee ball play, shall not be used when the ball is pitched by a player, coach or pitching machine. Coach-pitch bats will only be used in coach-pitch using a safety ball.

Page 15 (new entry) – Rule 8 C (2) Equipment: Only 2-1/4” barrel non-wood bats which are manufactured to achieve a Bat Performance Factor (BPF) of 1.15 or less through the life of the bat are approved for play in PONY Baseball divisions.  Effective January 1, 2012, all newly manufactured non-wood bats must be stamped “approved for play in PONY Baseball” and stamped with “BPF 1.15” and the year manufactured.

Page 15 (new entry) – Rule 8 C (3) Equipment: Effective January 1, 2012, all minus (-) 3 bats must be BBCOR certified. The bat which may be wood or non-wood product shall be not more than two and five-eights (2-5/8”) in diameter at the barrel and shall be a smooth implement, from the top of the cap to the top of the knob. All non-wood bats shall meet the Ball-Bat Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) testing protocol maintaining the length-to-weight difference of 0.50 limit regardless of length. All BBCOR approved bats shall be labeled with a silk screen or other permanent certification mark.
(NOTE: 2 3/4” bats are prohibited in all PONY sanctioned leagues).
See the Northwest Pony site for additional information. 
Interested in Umpiring?
New and experienced umpires wanted; earn $$$
NSBA is looking for individuals age 13+ who enjoy the game of baseball and want to earn extra money.  Training and field experience is provided for new umpires, and “refresher” training is available for returning umps.  Pay rates are based on experience.  You can turn your interest in baseball into part-time work that is flexible, rewarding and fun.  Interested in learning more?  Please contact us at:

Company Matching funds
Many of the larger employers in the Puget Sound region have charitable programs. Often they involve matching an employee's donation to a qualified charity or non-profit organization.
Each employer is different in how they determine what qualifies for matching funds. Contact your Human Resources department to investigate.
Calling all Microsoft employees
Microsoft is paying $17 for every hour you volunteer with the NSBA; as a board member, coach, etc...Microsoft is also matching any cash donation over $25. Employees of other major companies are also encouraged to join forces in this way to make the most of your company’s offers!

How can you donate to the NSBA and it won’t cost you any money:
North Seattle Baseball Association is no-profit 501C3 corporation and many companies such as Microsoft give money to these organizations if you volunteer time.   Maybe you can donate some time helping at the cages and the earns money from these companies. Volunteer some time with the league in many of our other needs and it helps us.
For Us To Operate The NSBA League We Need Volunteers.
Volunteering is not for everyone and is a personal commitment. We as volunteers understand that but our cannot operate without volunteers.. You can help us with just a little time. Maybe help on newsletters, communications, concessions, tournaments,  uniforms etc. There are many areas we need help in. Additionally, the board is the key to the operation and we need some parents that have kids at the younger level so they can plan the future of the league. If you can spare just a little of your time please contact any of the board members or email us at
Our batting cage facility is in need of the following donated items or time.
You can get a tax deduction for items donated to the cages. Earn some cage time by donating some time at the cages.
Carpeting is needed and someone to install it.
Do you have some bats that aren’t being used anymore? We could use some youth bats and even a few adult bats.  Other items: a nice bench,  low voltage path lights and power pack. 
We’re looking for someone to help with some minor construction and Painting
Need some people that can help manage the facility during busy times and earn cage time. Any help or items are appreciated. For more information contact Kevin at
Swung On and Belted!
Belt Amnesty Announced
Our belts given out to the players and coaches each year are to be returned with the jerseys at the end of each year.  There seems to be some confusion on this point and we’ve decided to announce a “Belt Amnesty”.   Please bring back your belts and drop them off at Lower Summit during tryouts or the Jamboree or leave them at the door of the NSBA Batting Cages.  The Belt Amnesty will help us keep our uniform costs down by limiting extra purchases of belts.  Every little bit helps.